Trick or Treat? But no allergies please!

This was our first year trick or treating with the boys and we had a blast. We went Joe and Lacie's in Windsor to have pizza for dinner. Then we went trick or treating in their neighborhood which was perfect with no traffic on their street and lots of families out having fun. Despite the rain it was a fun time! Jack was very excited and well instructed NOT to eat ANY candy until Mom went through it to remove the "allergy" candy. Ethan was not shy at all and ended up with more candy than Jack!

Auntie Lacie and Ethan
The little dino
I loved the tails on their costumes.
Two little dinos!
Trick or Treating at Uncle Joe's
Checking out their loot!
It was a fun time but exhuasting and full of calories. Glad we only do this once a year, even though Jack wanted to know if he could "go again tomorrow please?"


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