Blog slacker, and photography

I haven't posted in a long time, mostly due to the craziness of Christmas and a ton of January birthdays. I have a back log of things to share, especially some tasty recipes with amazing pictures taken my food photographer, Travis. Well, he is really my good friend with some photo talent, so I am dubbing him my food photographer. If only I could get him to come over every time I need good pictures taken! I guess he does have his own life though, and a new girlfriend. She's pretty and nice so I'll let him off the hook. Here is a picture of Travis, and I stole it off his facebook page so I am not sure who took it. But Travis has a photo journaling blog; you can check out some of his work here:

Interpreted Perception

I am really trying to eat healthier again, so I haven't been "baking" quite as much as normal. However, I am still attempting to be domestic and do some crafty projects and learn how to sew better. I will try to share those projects with you too, if they come out presentable.

So stay tuned...good things coming! I promise, and sorry for the slacking.


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