Crayon Roll

I think these are the cutest thing ever, and I wanted one so badly that I was almost willing to spend $16 (plus shipping!) online to purchase one. Notice I said ALMOST. I knew Adam would probably not be thrilled if I spent that much on one, no matter cute I insisted the fabric was. So I decided I was going to make one. Now, if you know me, you know that I do not sew well. I can sew a square, and I have gotten much better at using my mom's old sewing machine, as temperamental as it is. But I really am not very good at sewing. I am excited to learn to sew more, so this was a good project for me to start. I found a tutorial online at Skip to My Lou and followed the directions perfectly. And guess what? It actually came out super cute! Yipppeee! Now I have this great little crayon roll in the diaper bag with a little notepad, ready to pull out when I need something to occupy the boys when we are out. Perfect for restaurants, waiting rooms at doctor's appointments, etc. And it cost me less than $5 to make. I think these are going to make great gifts in the future for my nieces, nephews and friend's kiddos.

*ETA - I made a "girlie" crayon roll tonight with cute owl fabric and pink rick rack. It was alot harder than I thought to add the rick rack. I ended up ripping out a couple seams more than once to try to get it right. Here are the pictures of the finished product:


  1. Those are so cute!!! I've seen those online before too but that is AWESOME you can make them! Great job!


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