The Little Rascals

Last night after dinner Jack and Ethan went upstairs to play trains. I warned Jack to play nicely and share with his brother. Adam came home for his quick dinner break so we enjoyed spending a few uninterrupted minutes together. Those moments always come with a price though, don't they?
I heard the boys laughing and having a great time, and pointed out to Adam how well they were doing playing together. His reply was,"Do I hear water running upstairs?" Oh no.
We found both boys in the bathroom soaked from head to toe, the bathroom floor soaked, and the tub full of water. Ethan was scooping water out of the toilet, and Jack was running his trains on a track on the counter, sort of like his version of a slip n slide for trains, into the sink full of water.
It was funny but they knew better than to do that and both got punished and sent to bed early. I asked Jack why he thought it would be okay to make a big mess like that, and his response was, "The boy on youtube did it and it looked fun." Great.


  1. no way. The boy on you tube did it? The things they think of to do.


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