Tie t-shirts

I have been noticing the growing popularity of little boys t-shirts with applique ties but I wasn't so sure I wanted to spend money on a pattern for one. I was super excited when I came across a tutorial with a FREE pattern. Check it out here. I used solid white t-shirts from Walmart ($4) for these. I wasn't sure that an undershirt would have been thick enough to hold up to the tie (what they use in the tutorial). For the ties, I used an old woven shirt of Adam's that he had given up on.
I don't know why it is so hard to get a good picture of these busy boys who never stop moving so I can hit click. These were the best I could get, even after the bribe of a lollipop. Go figure. I thought that would have worked.
Adam's old shirt
Since the woven fabric was two sided, I cut the top part of the tie off and flipped it over so the stripes were going the opposite way on the top. I cut out the fabric with a rotary cutter, traced the pattern on to the fusing, and cut that out with scissors.
After I ironed on the tie I sewing it around the edges with a zigzag stick. Here are the finished shirts.
Ethan and Jack's shirts, both finished
And ta-da, cute easy sewing project!


  1. again cuteness!!! I love when you have new craft posts!

  2. I cannot believe how crafty you have become or that you use a sewing machine!! These are really cute.

  3. omg, how come i didn't know you had such a great crafting/recipe blog! great stuff, truly...

  4. Those are SO adorabley CUTE!! Where did you get the idea?? Great job!!


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