Valentine's Gift for Him....

Here is a great Valentine's gift idea using glass soda bottles. I had so much fun making this for my hubby. I think any guy would love this edible, thoughtful gift! I got the idea here, and knew it was the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Make sure you get cream soda since those bottles are clear, and not root beer, since those bottles are brown.
I spray painted the carrier black, and let it dry overnight. I had some great vintage scrapbooking pictures and mod podged them to the carrier, added some ribbon and buttons. Then I washed out the bottles and caps, and once dried, filled them with small snack items (M&Ms, sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds, etc.). Sorry for the poor quality pictures, it was late when I took them and no good lighting.
I made little labels for the bottle tops and wrote conversation heart comments on them, and tied on with a black ribbon. I also add little red heart stickers to the bottle caps. I wish I had more time to add some more details, but overall I am happy with how it came out.


  1. Great idea!! I love reading your blog and seeing all your creative ideas :)

  2. You are so creative! :) These look amazing.

  3. Where do you find vintage scrapbook pictures? This is a really neat idea.

  4. Amanda - I have a cd with a bunch of vintage stuff on it that I got from a book fair a few years ago.

    You can find some great stuff that is similar at this site:

    Have fun!

  5. I'm planning on making this for Adam this V-Day. Thanks!


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