Wrapping Bread for Gifts

I often make and give food as gifts, because I love to bake and cook, it is afforable, and usually very appreciated. Today I made a banana bread for a friend and remembered seeing this great idea here at Little Birdie Secrets blog on how to wrap the bread all pretty. It really makes your bread look more like a gift. This was a regular sized loaf of banana bread, but I bet this would look very cute scaled down for mini-sized loaves as well.
It was easy to do, and used very little supplies - 3 inch strip of scrapbooking paper, piece of ribbon, one button, and linen thread or thin twine.
I secured the paper on the back with a little bit of glue and then a strip of clear tape.
I added a matching ribbon, tied in a bow, and snipped the ends to give it a more finished look.
Added a button over the middle of the bow, threaded it with a piece of twine, and after one pass through each button hole, tied it in a double knot to secure.
What do you think?


  1. Cute! Makes it look so pretty for gift giving :)

  2. Our tenant just had a baby and I made a pumpkin bread. I had remembered this post so I just came back to check it out. Thanks for the great idea. The bread looks even better now to give as a little "welcome home".

  3. I think I'm following your blog now. Your ideas are catchy. :)

  4. I love that idea, I would have never thought to use scrapbook paper like that =)


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