Pine Cone Bird Feeders

Do you hear them? The birds are back, and hearing them is making us all anticipate Spring! We have enjoyed some beautiful sunny days, even though it is still a bit cool out. Jack asked if we could make pine cone bird feeders today and I thought it was a great idea. They are really simple to make, and are a great activity to do with your children!

Pine Cone Bird Feeders
You will need: Pine cones, string or thin ribbon, peanut butter (or sunflower seed butter if your child is allergic to nuts like mine), vegetable shortening or margarine, and birdseed Tie your string securely around the top of the pine cone, making sure you have enough length to hang the feeder.

In a medium sized bowl mix together equal parts of peanut butter (or sun butter) and shortening. I used about 1/2 cup of each and it was plenty to make two pine cone bird feeders.

Using a butter knife spread the mixture all over the pine cone.

Put about 1 cup of bird seed mixture on a paper plate or shallow bowl.

Holding both ends of the pine cone roll in the bird seed mixture, making sure to cover entire pine cone with seed.

You make have to roll more than once to get it completely covered. Place in freeze for about 30 minutes, till it is firmed up and the seeds are not falling off.

Now you are ready to hang outside and hope the birds come to eat soon!


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