Ethan's Surgery

My little guy Ethan had surgery Monday to have his adenoids removed and ear tubes put in. He did great. I am so glad it is over and that he did so well. I actually got to go into the OR with him and he stayed on my lap in the OR room until he was sedated. I looked pretty cool in my jumpsuit and hair net. But it was great that he didn't get scared or have to worry since I was with him until he was out and then I was there when he woke up. He woke up pretty mad too! Here are some pictures from his big day.
He loved the pre-op playroom. It was full of fun toys.
Does he looks so sweet in his little hospital gown and scrubs? (they were a little short!) I just noticed Adam in the funny mirror in the background, too funny!
We were so worried about him being upset over not eating or drinking at all that morning. Praise God he never once asked for something to eat or drink!
Here he is after the surgery, still asleep. His monkey got a hospital bracelet too.
He didn't stay sleeping for long...only about 5 minutes after he returned from the OR.
Here he is on the way home, a little groggy and loopy and eating a popsicle.
He is doing great today, pretty much back to his normal self. Now hopefully his hearing and speech will improve and his nasal issues will be better. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes for Ethan.


  1. Oh, cuteness in the gown. My friend was telling me her son could actually hear after his surgery and began speaking clearly. So we pray for that for Ethan, too! She also said that he was freaked out by airplane/motor noises because they were so loud post-surgery - he'd never noticed them before. Hopefully you will NOT have that problem.


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