Vintage Desk

This vintage style desk has been in the family for years. I am not sure if my Dad used it as a child or not, but it was passed on to my parents years ago from my Grandmother. I remember my sister Liz and I used it growing up. When I saw this desk re-do on Trey & Lucy, the wheels in my head starting spinning and I was hopeful that the desk was still in my parent's basement. And it was. Hurray!

So my wonderful husband agreed to fix it up for me, just like these desks.
I love this picture, it is quite funny with Ethan in his frog rain boots (obviously right after his nap since he is carrying around his monkey and lovey), Jack with his quirky face and Adam working away.

We decided to go with blue paint, although I love the shiny red. After a good sanding, done by three generations of Leland men, Adam spray painted the entire desk with a rust-oleum primer and then spray painted it "sail blue", except for the seat which he did in black and the top which he painted with a chalkboard spray paint.
Didn't it come out great?
Adam even painted the inside so it would look nice, and sealed it all with a clear top coat.

Jack is not going to preschool next year so this will provide a fun motivation for him to work on school type activities at home. I am really excited about the chalkboard top. I think Jack is going to love that too. This was a very exciting project for me because I didn't have to do it (thanks to my wonderful husband), and because it was very affordable since we had the desk.

Jack likes the chalkboard. Ethan is excited about it too.


  1. that is awesome! adam did a great job. i love chalkboard paint! i've never used it, but i think it's a great idea, and can't wait to use it later when kendall's older.

    i can just see you and liz playing around with it as little girls...joe didn't play with you guys? i figured y'all would've ganged up on him. :)

  2. Wow I'm impressed! It looks really good!

  3. very cool! It turned out great.

  4. So cute! I found you through MSM, and I'm excited to start saving our cans and spray paint them as well. Isn't spray paint the best?


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