Felt Food - Ravioli

Making felt food is fun and easy. I decided to make some ravioli to go with Ethan's play kitchen. The wooden pots and pans are super cute, but wooden food does not go well since it is heavy and gets dinged and marked. These felt raviolis have a become source of grabbing, fighting and "not sharing" with my boys; they love opening the container and pouring them into the big pan and pretending to "cook" them.
I cut two inch squares with pinking shears from cream colored felt. Felt is widely available and affordable. Joann's sells eco-felt pieces (9" x 12") for 29 cents each. It is machine washable, fade resistant, won't fray, and it is made from recycled plastic so you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint using this felt. You can also buy polyester felt off the bolt. Wool felt is beautiful and expensive, so save that for more grown up projects that won't be touched by grubby hands.
Sew three of the four sizes together with your machine, or by hand, and stuff with poly-fill to desired size. Sew the fourth side together and there you have a ravioli. Pretty easy, huh?
I only made eight of these, but I have a feeling I will be making more soon.
Here is my little cook playing with them.
See that cute little ravioli container on the kitchen shelf? It is perfect for storing the ravioli and it looks authentic. It is a paper label mod podged to a nesquik container! I found the idea and the free download here.
There is a ton of helpful information and patterns online for making your own felt food. If you come across any great links share them here! Here are a couple I found and bookmarked for when I get a felt food making hankering next....


  1. For all the things I look at and think, "I could make that," I never thought of making my own felt food. These are super cute! I may have to try this. Very nice. The ravioli container is cute, too.

  2. Those are SO cute! How fun. :)


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