Pottery Barn Insipired Chalk Board

How cool is this Pottery Barn inspired chalk board, made on a plate to display in your home? When I saw it on The Rubber Punkin blog I couldn't wait to make one myself. The only problem was that I could not find a plate or platter that had a flat center. It took me a couple months to find the perfect plate to use. I had my mother-in-law, Jan, in mind for this project, because she has little chalkboards around her house. She has one in her kitchen that she always uses to countdown to big events - our weddings, the due dates for the birth of our children, etc. It was fun to see the weeks and the days counting down. I thought this would be cool for her to display in her dining room; perfect for writing the main menu item or to write a greeting for a special event.
After finding your perfect plate or platter to use (you could always use a frame too), tape off the edges with painters tape. It is important to use several pieces to get the curve of the plate just right. My hubby did this project for me, he has way more patience than I do for these important details, and he is a pro at spray painting.
Spray a couple coats of the chalkboard spray paint and then let it dry for SEVERAL hours.
Remove your tape and place your plate in a little easel or hang on a wall using a plate hanger.
It looks pretty nice in my dining room....I might have to get Adam to make one for me too!
I found this little easel at the Christmas Tree Shop but they sell them everywhere now. I put two pieces of chalk in a little clear bag and attached to the easel with a piece of ribbon. Perfect for gifting now.
I wrote a Happy Birthday message on this plate for Jan, and then wrapped it in tissue, along with the easel. She loved it!


  1. Had a good laugh at Adam being a "pro at spray painting" . . . you're probably lucky he didn't get the compressor out. hee hee.

    This plate looks SO good, it's such a good idea and SO perfect for Jan.

  2. awesome idea! i'm thinking i really want to do it with a picture frame. you should just be able to spray paint the glass, right?

  3. I like this, you did a great job!!!!

  4. Okay, I followed you over here from Kelly S.'s blog - when I saw something about the PB chalkboard I had to come see!

    If you love chalkboard stuff, you might like these markers I just discovered - they're called Chalk Ink Markers and they work awesome on things like glass and chalkboard (so that you don't have that chalky mess). Anyway, just thought I'd share.

    Also, I'm going to HAVE to get that button candy mold now! I've seen it before but I simply must have it. Your post settled that! I might be planning a shower soon and your cupcakes are so stinkin adorable!

  5. Kelly, yes definately a frame would work, and be easier since you can remove it from the frame - no taping necessary.

  6. i REALLY want to do this next :)


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