Frosty Mocha Drink

This is the perfect drink for a hot summer day when you need a little something special. Adam and I used to make these all the time. They are just like the ones you can buy at Starbucks but they will not put you in the poor house. My sister-in-law Lani made these for us years ago and we ooohed and aaahhed, and she graciously shared the recipe, which came from Taste of Home. We have been hooked ever since!
Frosty Mocha Drink

1 cup milk
3 Tbsp instant chocolate drink mix
2 Tbsp instant coffee
2 Tbsp honey
1 tsp vanilla
14 – 16 ice cubes

Combine all ingredients in blender until smooth.

*Cream or half and half could be used instead of milk to make it thicker.

Servings: 2


  1. Totally yum and we still make 'em too!

  2. I just noticed this recipe this morning. My friends (knowing the coffee addict that I am) made this at my baby shower for Jena. I immediately fell in love with it...only difference is they made it a mocha punch (ingredients are all the same though) and it was in a big bowl and there were scoops of coffee and chocolate ice was so good!

  3. Very neat! I love frappes and im guessing this is just like them.
    Now just to top with Whipped cream and cinnamon.

  4. This sounds amazing. I just wrote it out on a recipe card and will be making soon!


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