Recycle Cans into Art Supply Storage

It is amazing what you can do with a little spray paint. I loved recycling these cans into storage for Jack's art supplies, and the best part was that they cost me nothing to make. I dug through my recycling bins for cans and used spray paint I already had from previous projects. The different sizes are perfect for your littles' art and craft supplies. First, make sure your cans have a smooth edge. I have one of those great can openers from tupperware than leaves a smooth edge. Wash your cans thoroughly (I removed my labels and then used a little goo gone to get the sticky residue off). I ran mine through the dishwasher. Before spray painting insert a piece of paper to keep the inside all unpainted. These needed about three coats of paint to get a clean glossy even look.
These painted cans, filled with crayons, colored pencils and writing pencils excited Jack to no end. He saw them on the table and said, "Mom! Did you make these for ME????"
I spent forever sharpening all his colored pencils, just to make them even more appealing. It is like a clean playroom, kids just can't wait to go play and mess it all up again.
This shiny blue is my favorite. It was leftover spray paint from the vintage desk we refinished.
This little can is perfect for Ethan. He can just barely grip it with his chubby fingers, too cute.
These are coffee cans, which now house painting supplies and markers.
I had a blast making these, and can't wait to make some more. They will be perfect on an art shelf, or in a wooden crate (you could recycle one of those wooden crates they sell clementines in and spray paint it white). Being able to visually see everything available really draws in excitement and attention. Have fun making yours!
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  1. oh my word i LOVE these. i seriously need to make some now. but i will restrain myself until i have a crafty room to make them for...LOVE them. bravo.

  2. I use cans in my classroom for all sorts of storage. I have painted them, covered them with scrapbook paper using modpodge,decorated them with stickers and I am with you...they are free. I have one of those cool can openers and take it to school to open the large veggie cans and then we use them for building blocks.

  3. Those are really cute. You did a great job.

  4. I love them! Especially for art supplies.

  5. How do you smooth the edges if you DON'T have one of those nifty can openers? I just have a regular, Wal-Mart, hand-crank can opener...

  6. what kind of spray paint do you use?

  7. Amanda - if you are making these for young kids I would not use a regular can opener.

    If you are making these for older kids or adults then you can use a regular can opener and line the top of the can with a ribbon to cover the rough edge.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Marion - I like Krylon or Rustoleum spray paint the best, but any brand will work.

    These are super easy and fun to make! Someday when I have a dedicated crafting space I plan to have a long shelf with at least a dozen of these on it in a variety of colors.

  9. Oh these turned out beautifully! Just one more reason to long for a pampered chef can opener ;) All my storage and crafty dreams will come true if I buy one, I'm sure. This is a fun idea and my first time visiting your blog (I saw you on Money Saving Mom). I always enjoy seeing blogs of other moms of boys, since I have four :) Thanks for the post!

  10. NICE! great idea :)

  11. Found you via MoneySavingMom and LOVE this idea...thanks for sharing! I can't wait to do this and get our art supplies contained in a cute way ;)


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