A big birthday and some great gifts

I recently celebrated a big birthday. I had a very hard time with this one. Turning 30 made me feel old and grown up, like I really have to act like an adult now. Anyways, the good thing about this birthday was the great gifts I got from my family.

I have been DROOLING over this and used the birthday money from my generous family to buy one. And my hubby and little guys got me this. I think it was more for their benefit than mine, but I have been having a blast using it.
So my list of things I want to make with these new toys is growing. Hopefully you will get to see some of those things soon!

Here are my boys on my birthday...aren't they cute?


  1. Great pictures! 30 just sounds so . . . old, you know? I still automatically answer "28" if someone asks how old I am. Now I know why people joke about being "29" again . . . because really. We can't be this old.

  2. That is a GREAT picture of you, Andrea! And your cute little boys, too! Happy birthday!!! You will have to share with me how you are keeping thin; I am not doing well with that....I was able to see the second link but not the thing you were drooling over...it would not go there for me.

  3. Jack and Ethan are way stinkin' cute... but, I think I might be a bit predjudice.

    Love your gifts, and I can't wait to see them in person.

    We hope to get up there soon for the tree and a visit.

  4. Happy Birthday Andrea! I love your blog! Fun stuff :)


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