Fun Kid Activity - Painting Sea Shells

We tend to have a history of "rain" on our vacations in the summer to the lake in I came fully stocked with activities this year just in case we had another rainy vacation. Thankfully we had a beautiful week of sun and lots of time swimming and playing in the sand. I pulled out one of my rainy day activities for Jack to do outside (good idea since it was a little messy) - painting sea shells! I went the dollar store to stock up on some art and craft project supplies and this was the favorite. I got a basket of sea shells, a set of acrylic paints and a package of different sized paint brushes since ours at home were getting pretty worn. For $3 this was well worth the excitement from my little artist Jack. He LOVES to paint!
Here he is getting started...
Here is the view he had while painting...overlooking Mousam Lake.
Quite an interesting collection of painted shells.

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  1. Good job Jack! The girls do this too but we use nail polish!

  2. What a fun idea! I am sure your son loves painting seashells. I'll be featuring you on Tot Tuesdays tomorrow. I hope you'll stop by and grab some bling for your blog. Have a great week!


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