Preschool at Home, Day Three - Ladybugs

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Day Three of Preschool at Home was all about Ladybugs. We learned a lot about ladybugs from the National Geographic Kids website, which we recapped on our white board in the kitchen.
Writing - Using these printables we practiced writing the letter "L" and coloring the different parts of the ladybug.
Number Sequencing - I found these great sequencing cards to print and cut out here and mixed them up out of order on the table.
Jack's job was to put them in the correct number sequence, which he was very fast at doing.
Counting by Fives - Jack learned to count by fives using this great idea found at Making Learning Fun. We made ladybug magnets and colored five spots on each on. Using a baking sheet and leaves with different numbers Jack had to count by five and place the correct number of ladybugs on the leaf.
Creative Play - I made some great apple pie scented homemade playdough (mixed cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice into my go to playdough recipe). We made ladybugs on leaves.
Arts & Crafts - We got Dad in on PAH making ladybugs using homemade stamps dipped in paint (stamps were made out of laundry detergent caps with sponge shapes hot glued on).
Jack told Dad everything learned about ladybugs.Snack Time - Jack and Daddy made crackers with ladybugs using cream cheese, cherry tomatoes and black olives. It was a great day of school and we all learned a lot about ladybugs!


  1. Really cute! Counting by 5s is a good skill to practice.

  2. Jack told me this week would be lady bugs. I asked him to find out why they loved to come in nanny and papa's house!
    When I was putting him to bed he wanted to quiz me on addition problems... I passed :)

  3. What great lady bug activities! My son brought home a jar full of lady bugs last spring from preschool, and ever since then, he's been really interested in learning more.

  4. I love ladybugs! I should have come over to learn a few things!


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