Preschool at Home, Day One - Spiders

Our first topic of learning at PAH is bugs. I decided to cover a new bug each day and we started with SPIDERS! Okay, I know, spiders are not technically insects because they do not have a three part body and three pairs of jointed legs, but we learned about spiders anyways and Jack will tell you himself now that a spider is not an insect.
Here is a basic overview of what we did on Day One. And yes, this spider has made his home on my rose bush.

Field Trip - walked to the new Kilton Public Library to check out books about spiders
Snack - made spider snacks; check out this post for instructions on how to make your own
Nursery Rhymes - the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Little Miss Muffet
Jack and Ethan enjoyed acting out Little Miss Muffet and took turns being the spider and Little Miss Muffet.
Learning Time - learned about a spider's anatomy, the different kinds of spiders there are, and all the different webs they can make

Field Trip - went outside to look for spiders with our new magnifying glass from Nanny. We found some really cool ones.
Art Time - made our own spider web using black construction paper placed in a disposable pan and a marble dipped in white paint. As you move the pan back and forth the marble rolls all over the paper making a cool web like design. We also made spiders out of painted egg cartons, pipe cleaners and googley eyes.
Reading Time - Sophie's Masterpiece. A beautifully written story about the life a spider. One of our FAVORITE books about spiders is an oldie, but goodie called Be Nice To Spiders. This was a great way to end the first day of preschool!
Jack loved every minute of it, and almost started crying when I told him school was over. But between the trip to the library and all fun things we did, along with a break for lunch and to put Ethan down for a nap, we spent most of the day doing PAH. It was fun and exhausting. And it all started over again the next day. Stay tuned for PAH, Day Two - Ants!


  1. Looks like they had fun! Nice job.

  2. The boys are very lucky to have you for their Mommy!


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