Valentine's Day - Crayon Hearts, Treat Filled Bottles, and Chocolate Sweet Hearts

It has been mentioned to me by a certain someone that I have not been featuring any special posts for Valentine's Day. This year I didn't have to prepare Valentine's for preschool or Romp & Stomp, since my kids are not enrolled in either. So I wasn't scouring the Internet for great handmade ideas. But in an effort to stay festive with the upcoming holiday, I am sharing my old Valentine posts below. Check 'em out and enjoy your day of love with your family and friends.

Crayon Hearts - make heart shaped crayons using recycled crayon bits
Valentine's Gift for Him - make a special something for your love using glass soda bottles filled with his favorite treats
Chocolate Sweet Hearts - make decadent chocolate heart shaped treats, perfect for topping cupcakes or eating with a glass milk
The boys and I made homemade pizza this week with heart shaped pepperoni. So I am doing something to celebrate, just in case your were worried. :)


  1. I was thinking about those crayons and wanted to look up the post . . . now I don't have to! Those cupcakes looks GREAT.
    Happy V-day!

  2. Those cupcakes look divine! The chocolate treats on the top just make it perfect :)
    Glad you reposted this post!

  3. When my son starts school I will most def. be doing the crayon hearts!


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