Superbowl Pick - Jalapeno Poppers

The Superbowl is coming up and I wanted to share a super yummy crowd pleasing recipe to make this year.  My friend Danielle makes these poppers all the time and her family and friends rave about them.  She sent me the recipe and I gave it a try.  Wow, were they good.  My husband ate them and made the following comments:  "like wicked good (we are from New England), top notch and awesome, and you gotta make these again soon."
Jalapeno Poppers

8 oz cream cheese, softened at room temp
1 cup (4 oz.) shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1 cup (4 oz.) shredded Monterey Jack or Colby Jack
6 bacon strips, cooked and crumbled
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. chili powder
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
1 pound fresh jalapenos (12-14), halved lengthwise and seeded
1/2 cup dry bread crumbs (regular, seasoned, panko - whatever you have)
sour cream or ranch dressing to dip
In a bowl, mix together all cheeses, bacon, and seasonings. 
Wash you jalapenos and place on a cutting board.
Before you cut them, you might want to put on rubber gloves (if you have them).  I use a plastic sandwich baggie :)
Slice the jalapenos in half.
Use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and white pith inside the jalapeno. 
This is where most of the heat is, so scrape it out good.
Spoon about 2 Tbsp. into each pepper.
Roll the top side with the cheese filling in the bread crumbs. 
Place on a greased baking sheet and bake, uncovered @ 300 for 20 minutes for spicy flavor, 30 minutes for medium, and 40 minutes for mild. 
Let them cool for about 3 or 4 minutes when they come out of the oven.
Don't those look good?
Some of the filling might spill over the sides during the cooking time but don't worry, it will still taste delicious.
Serve with sour cream or ranch dressing or your condiment of choice.
These have loads of flavor and really not too much heat, so it is easy to eat several.
See?  "Like Wicked Good."
Happy Superbowl!


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