Valentine's Day Craft - Felt Fortune Cookies

Here is a cute and fun valentine idea from Martha - Felt Fortune Cookies.  We love Chinese food in our house, so I knew these would be a hit with the kids.  They are pretty easy to make, but you do need a few supplies and tools:

assorted felt
floral wire, wire cutters
fortunes (I made mine in Word and printed and cut)
hot glue gun
Find a bowl or something with a 4 1/2 inch diameter.  I used a Gerber kid's plastic bowl - perfect size.  Trace the bowl onto your felt.  I bought felt sheets at Joann's on sale for $0.25.  You should be able to fit 4 circles on each felt sheet.
 Cut out your circles.  I think kid's scissors are the best tool for cutting out felt.
Trim your floral wire into 4 1/4 inch pieces.  Plug in your hot glue gun too, if you haven't already.
Cut a small strip of felt slightly wider and longer than the wire.
Fold your felt circle in half and then unfold.
This just helps to give you a "center" line to use.
Use your hot glue to glue the center line of your felt circle.
Immediately place your wire over the hot glue (be careful not to burn yourself!).
Place the felt strip right over the wire and press down into the glue.  Continue with all the circles. 
Make your fortunes and cut into strips slightly longer than your fortune.
 Place a fortune in the inside of each felt circle, and fold in half.
Bring both sides down towards each other, to make the fortune cookie shape.  Open the felt flap and push the inside out to give it a fuller look.  Continue with remaining circles.
 And there you have it...Felt Fortune Cookies!
Aren't they cute?  They are fun to make and your kids can definitely help with the tracing and cutting steps.  Shout out to Travis for taking the step by step pics.
More fun Valentine posts coming up!


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