Perfect Iced Tea

I love iced tea.  I think it may have happened during the period of time I lived in the South.  My iced tea maker and I have been buds for a while.  But I learned a secret.  An easier way to make iced tea.  Without an iced tea maker.  Want in?  Yup, you do.  Iced Tea is a great drink any time of year, but especially in the summer.  Tea is good for you, especially green tea, which is what I used here.  And it is calorie free.  I like to buy decaf tea so my boys can drink it too.  They love it.  So let's get started.

Perfect Iced Tea
source:  Food Network Magazine
8 cups cold water
6 tea bags - any kind, tags removed
optional: sweeteners like sugar, honey or agave syrup and mint, orange peel

In a 2 quart pan bring 8 cups of water to boil.
Turn off the heat and add the 6 tea bags.
 Let it steep for 4 minutes.
 Remove the tea bags and let it cool.
Pour into a pitcher or large glass jar (isn't this huge mason jar cool?  my sister in law gave it to me and I LOVE it).  Add some ice cubes and any desired sweeteners.  We like ours unsweetened, but if you like it sweet, go for it!
This is totally optional, but according to Dr. Oz it helps boost metabolism, so I added a few freshly peeled orange peels and a sprig of mint.  It also tastes pretty great with the green tea.
 And there ya have it.
Perfect Iced Tea.
That was pretty easy, wasn't it?


  1. love it! =) i'm definitely gonna make some for myself!

  2. How long does it last and still taste ok...for instance, if I wanted to give it as gift should they drink within a day or two? Can you freeze and maintain taste?

    1. It tastes great for about 5 days. After that, it isn't as fresh tasting, and if you add orange peel or mint it won't look as pretty. I have never frozen this before, but if you try it let me know how it comes out!


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