This is the life...Vacation!

Adam, the boys and I are enjoying a week away at the lake for our family vacation. I won't be posting much this week, but I thought I would share a little of vacation so far. It has been wonderful. Refreshing and just what we needed. And the best part? We still have five more days left! Enjoy the pictures.
Sunday night we had s'mores on the beach. Nothing says summer and vacation more than a fire and roasted marshmallows!
The boys didn't seem to mind that it was still light out.
Fun way to start off the week!
Monday morning we saw the weather wasn't looking too great for swimming and playing on the beach at the lake, so we decided to go to York's Wild Animal Kingdom.I love the look on Ethan's face in this picture. Want to know what he is smiling about?
The cute little baby monkey up there. Ethan was mesmerized.
Jack thought it was funny that this tortoise was eating salad for lunch!
The boys enjoyed the petting area of the zoo where they could feed the animals.
The baby deer were very cute.
As we walked through the zoo and saw all the cool animals (zebras, elephant, lions, tigers, camels, monkeys, and even prairie dogs) the boys kept begging to go back to this toy boat area. This was probably the highlight of the day - racing these toy boats!
I guess it is the small things, right? Memories made.
The rain was starting to come down, so we debated leaving before hitting up the amusement park at York's, but the boys had their hearts set on it.Here they are running towards the rides!
I didn't get many pictures of the boys on the rides but here are a couple.
After a fun rainy day, we headed back to the lake. A tradition we started last year was to paint sea shells. Jack really enjoys and looks forward to this part of our vacation.
He was very excited with all those fun colors to choose from.
With the lake for inspiration, he painted some beautiful shells.
Here they are, drying. Ethan also painted some shells, but those were all a camouflaged brown color, from mixing all the colors together :)
They had a fun time playing on the beach and paused so I could take their picture.
This was my favorite.
Silly boys.
We had a yummy bbq chicken and grilled veggie dinner. Maybe I'll share how we make it in another post later.
The boys shared their Popsicles on the swing.
I love to see them being "brothers" and getting along.
And here I am, getting my picture taken unknowingly. No makeup, but hey, it's vacation!
And a good end to the day is story time with Daddy!

We have really enjoyed our time away so far. Vacations are so important and we blessed to have a free place to go with a lake, a beach, boats and even a new jet ski!

I will have lots to share in the way of recipes when I get home. Have a great week!


  1. Looks like you're making many wonderful memories - have a fabulous time! Blessings, ~Lisa

  2. Sorry about the rain, but looks like you made the best of it :) Looks like the rest of the week will be "beach" weather!
    Glad you and Ad will be getting out together tonight without the boys... see you this afternoon :)
    Maybe Fred and I will take them on a cruise around the lake

  3. Yay, Jack got his s'mores! Looks like a great start to the week, even with the rain. No waiting for rides, right?

  4. Oh wow, now THAT is a beach! What a glorious place you guys have found to spend your vacation. You deserve it. Be blessed!

  5. That looks like such a great get-away! It's a beautiful spot right next to the water, and y'all are doing such fun things! Enjoy!


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